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Value-Price Motivational From BPI Dealer Supplies Value vs. Price - It’s easy to get caught up in price negotiations but remember that you’re not selling a car or truck. You are selling what your customers are going to do with that car or truck. Weekend road trips, safely driving their children to school, or moving a load of lumber to the work site. This is […]
BPI Motivational Monday - Keep Going! Keep going. - Much of what’s written about sales, and car sales in particular, is about the deal. About the moment of success when you put the right deal in front of the right customer at the right time. What isn’t written about as often is the persistence needed to get to that deal, customer, and time. Persistence […]
BPI-donut-motivational Embrace all aspects of your product! - For every customer, there is a sale. Trick is finding the right mix of product features that match each customers individual needs. Sedans, trucks, RVs, or motorcycles all have unique features, and unique customers. The woman looking for a thrilling commute needs different things than the man looking to make camping more civilized. And then, […]
Car sales motivation Always take the shot! - “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”- Wayne Gretzky So true! Excellent piece of advice from The White Tornado. Car sales can’t happen if you don’t take the chance. Get out there and take your shot!
Immersed - Sales Motivation for #motivationmonday Get immersed - There’s a lot of wisdom in having a conversation rather than a pitch. How does your sales team operate?
Get ready for the holidays! - Now is the time to save on some essential holiday sales event supplies. Grab your bows, holiday swoopers and more in preparation for some of the best and biggest sales opportunities of the year. Prices valid until November 30th, 2016 so don’t delay, order today! Jum-Bows $35.95 Reg $38.95 , Items 81736, 81349, 81347, 81350, […]
On Sale! End of October deals! - A few specials to help you make the deal! Time to restock some essential dealer supplies and BPI is here to help. Get these great deals until Oct. 31st, 2016. And remember that the holidays are coming up quickly. Time to start planning your sales events! If you have specific items that would make your […]
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -   In October our nation turns it’s attention to breast cancer awareness and research to find a cure. Being the most common cancer in women around the world it’s estimated that over 1.5 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer ever year. Mothers, wives, daughters and friends, all can find themselves facing this most difficult […]
Dog Days of Summer Sale - Now is the time to stock up on forms, supplies, and lot decorations! Here is our list of current specials to help you make the deal! Box of 500 Paper Floor Mats. Impress your service department clients by keeping their floors clean with our popular paper floor mats which are 17.5″ x 17″ and only […]
Save the Date August 17th Save the Date for Founders Day! - It’s almost that time, BPI Founders Day! That special day when we celebrate the birth of our company with the biggest sale of the year. Our Founders Day deals only last for one day so be sure to join us at our San Diego and Sacramento store locations on August 17th! There will be deals […]