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Hot Summer Deals!

BPI Hot Summer Deals!

As the temperature rises so do your sales!

1607-Hot-Summer-DealsSummer is a great time to promote pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles on your lot. While this is a traditionally slow period for new car sales, this year used car sales are holding steady in many parts of the country and car dealers are looking for effective ways to stand out. Lot decorations are a great way to get noticed but so are carefully selected sale prices!

Summer is also a great time to get ready for the fall and winter sales periods. Get your sales team together and be sure to have your sales calendars ready to go before your lot is flooded with new customers. BPI is here to supply all your auto sales needs from forms to banners, from business cards to windshield stickers, we are here for you.

These great items are on sale now to help you make the deal!

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